About Us

Our Commitment

You've heard the news before.  Education is impossible to fix.  Small amounts of money aren't capable of making a change.  A problem that has persisted for hundreds of years won't be solved.

So then why did we create EAFNA?

There exist thousands of nonprofit organizations that promise to fix education with names far more widespread than our own.  But, out of all those corporations, we didn't find a single one that offered a solution for the lower quality education that Native Americans receive.  EAFNA exists with a single purpose in mind, a simple purpose that we believe everyone can agree with, and that is the right to education.  

When I created EAFNA, they said it was impossible.  One high school student, creating a nonprofit to fix one of the toughest problems out there?  It couldn't be done.  But, it is precisely because of our founding that we can promise you that your donation will be used to its fullest extent.  We don't have millions of dollars to waste on ideas that won't work, and we appreciate that the best solutions are the ones that actually solve the problem.


That's why we aim to fix precollege education–because we realize it's the primary reason many Native Americans don't go on to get a University degree.  That's why we communicate with the local organizations we work with–because we know that they help us maximize our aid.  That's why instead of being overwhelmed by a difficult task, we go out and do something about it–because we know that's how to make a difference.  

And that's why you can count on us.  

We're not just a foundation for education, we're a foundation for creating positive change, and we believe we've identified the best way to do that.  Teaching may seem impossible to fix, but impossible tasks have a way of becoming accomplished when people work together.  Commitment means little in a world full of empty vows, but we can promise you with our greatest sincerity that together, we can make change; we hope that you join us.

What We Do

We are committed to improving the quality of pre-college education for Native Americans, and we believe that doing so means utilizing solutions that are tailored to each specific problem.  Initiatives, like giving school supplies to institutions that lack them, encouraging a love of learning, and even just raising awareness about the issues themselves, are all critical steps in the right direction.  We try to improve teaching, speak with those who can reform the system, and see what solutions work best.  Simply put, we do many things because we believe that a topic as complex as education deserves an equally nuanced solution.  

About the Founder

My name is Edward Adams, and I am a high schooler in my Junior year at the Blake School in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Of Choctaw descent myself, I created this organization to help lessen the differences that exist in education.  This entire process has been incredibly daunting–creating an organization from scratch to tackle something so big, all on my own–but I am incredibly grateful that the difficulties have allowed me to take on bigger issues.